Save 5% on all matcha subscriptions.

You can get your matcha delivered to you on a schedule you select.  We offer 2 week, 4 week and 8 week options.   All you need to do is select which option suits you best so that you never go without.  

Benefits of subscriptions:

  • Lock in your pricing. You will enjoy the pricing you select for the duration of your subscription, regardless of future price increases.
  • Discounted rate on your matcha. Our subscription prices are about 5% less than the regular single-order rate for our matcha.
  • Automatically get your matcha when you need it.  Ensure you receive your matcha regularly, just in time and just when you need it by selecting the right frequency for you.
  • Cancel at any time. If you find the program isn't working for you, you can cancel by logging into your account and selecting the cancel button on the item(s) you wish to stop receiving.

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