Why the Oldest Super Powder of Them All Could Boost Your Immunity

Photo Credit: @quierecomovives (instagram)

At Blissful Life Co we boost our immunity in a number of ways, including exercise, meditation, mindfulness and healthy diet (both food and adding the ancient elixir Matcha green tea). 

When we have a daily matcha ritual, what we have noticed is that we sleep better, we are more focused, we get sick less, and somehow (almost magically), we have sustained energy throughout the day without the crash that comes from drinking coffee. 

You may ask - what exactly gives this ancient elixir the ability to improve our immune system? 

The secret lies in matcha green teas high antioxidant content which assists our bodies in reducing inflammation and fighting pathogens. 

Not any matcha green tea will do.   It has to be of the highest quality which is exactly what our Matcha at Blissful Life Co is.   We do not compromise on this. 

You may be asking, how to get your daily dose? 

  • You can drink matcha the traditional way using hot water and a bamboo whisk, or you can add your favourite milk (we love coconut milk) to make a matcha latte.  
  • You can have it with cold milk and ice for an iced-cold latte. 
  • For a pre or post workout secret, you can add our matcha to coconut water with your favourite protein powder. 

The possibilities are endless. 

Photo Credit: @quierecomovies (instagram)