About Us

Our founder Julie (aka our Chief Blissful Officer) started Blissful Life Co to bring high quality organic products that are natural and gut friendly to the world.   Julie's dream is to see more people drinking luxury quality matcha for a healthier sustainable lifestyle. 

Blissful Life Co is a mission based matcha tea company that is on a quest to turn the world green (literally).   

We know first-hand how the demands of work & life can be a hotbed of stress, burnout and ill health.  For this reason, we wanted to bring a coffee alternative to the world which helps maintain a state of wellbeing, productivity and focus.  

While the majority of people rely on coffee every day for energy and a kickstart, there are a few down sides.

1. It’s habit-forming. Ever skipped that cup of coffee only to be awarded with a headache?
2. The more you drink coffee, the more coffee you need to get the same jolt of energy.
3. Coffee can lead to anxiety and the jitters, which is a poor substitute for ACTUAL energy.
4. Finally, it can lead to sleep problems even if you only drink it in the first part of the day.

Overall, coffee isn’t truly a friend to our body. If you want a more NATURAL way to support healthy concentration and energy, then our debut Ceremonial Grade Matcha might be just right for you.

Here’s why:

Ceremonial Grade Matcha is picked from the first harvest leaves.  As a result it has a smoother flavour and is a more vibrant green in colour.   It is the “champagne of matcha” and is a potent antioxidant, supports energy levels in a natural, non-buzzed way. It does not only help concentration and antioxidant levels in the body, but it can even help banish that “too tired to get out of bed in the morning” feeling.  Instead of giving you a short-term buzz, it naturally supports the body’s engines that keep cells producing energy throughout the day.  Sound too good to be true?

Here’s what our Founder Julie has to say:   “I can feel a sustained increase in energy and mental sharpness after my morning matcha ritual. I love that it doesn’t make me feel jittery like coffee does, just energised and more effective as I start my day. I’ve spent over two years in search of this high quality matcha. I know I have found a great product and can’t wait to share it with the world.”

If you want to try, it’s far simpler than you think.  We have eliminated the middleman and work directly with our sustainable Single Estate Farmers who take pride in their sustainable farming approaches.  Instead of then passing our matcha on to distributors and retailers, we send them directly to you. 

So you can rest assured knowing that you are getting an organic matcha delivered to your door with no middleman between us and our Single Estate Farmers.   This then translates to savings on this high-quality product that is second to none.

We truly deliver on the concept of farm to cup.  That's Blissful Life Co.