The Simple Pleasures Set

The Simple Pleasures Set

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We all deserve a little luxury in our every day because life should be all about the little pleasures. 

This Simple Pleasures Set is the perfect giftable treat as much as it is a delicious cupboard commodity.   It is the ultimate matcha starter kit.  It comes with our single-origin ceremonial matcha, bamboo whisk (chasen), bamboo tea scoop (chashaku) and a rose gold sifter.   

Save 10% when you purchase these items together in our set! 

This set includes: 

  • Single-Origin Ceremonial matcha - 30 g
  • Bamboo whisk (short)
  • Bamboo scoop 
  • Rose gold coloured sifter 

  • * Please note that there is a chance that we may experience some delays in deliveries due to interruptions to global postal services due to COVID-19.