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  Why Ceremonial Grade Matcha v standard Matcha? Ceremonial Grade Matcha is the highest quality green tea available and has been used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies for centuries.  Ceremonial Grade Matcha is made from the youngest tea leaves having been shade-grown and stone-ground into a fine powder.  This ensures that it is the most vibrant green tea powder.    We have sampled hundreds of samples of Matcha in order to bring you a Ceremonial Grade Matcha that is not bitter like other grades of Matcha powders but rather naturally sweet and florally.  It yields a refined, balanced and smooth flavour.   Low quality Matcha displays stark contrast to our Ceremonial Grade Matcha – it is coarser, often bitter and will not be enjoyable without sweetener for instance.   Anything...

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Move over Coffee - Why Ceremonial Matcha is the Best Energy Booster for Moms

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. Mothers are continuously required to handle high levels of stress. Taking care of little ones means that mentally and physically, they have to be vigilant 24/7. Motherhood has no commercial breaks, no holidays, no vacations, and basically, no "off" button. Stamina and endurance are essential to keeping some sanity intact. But how do we achieve that stamina? The proverbial saying, "You can only pour from a full cup," aptly applies to all mothers. And if that cup is full of ceremonial matcha even better. Because in the world of superfoods, matcha could certainly be king. As mothers, we continually lack either time or energy (and most times, both). As an energy-boosting super...

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